Christie Lau

Strive to design a better future for humanity and the planet 🌏

ā†‘ Rather bold statement summing up what I aspire in my career

Hi, Iā€™m Christie, a product designer (UX) based in London. I solve problems for people and businesses via design. My background in psychology and human-computer interaction strengthens my evidence-driven design approach. šŸ’ā€ā™€ļø

My class "How to Create a Storyboard: Bring Your Product/Service Concept to Life in 20 minutes" has won the grand prize in the Skillshare Contest for First Time Business and Technology Teachers.
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About this website 😉

I see my personal website as my playground for learning to code. I code this website with Eleventy. Still very far from what I've got on my design sketches, getting there.