Christie Lau

User research & optimisation for an all-in-one business admin solution

Client: SAAS start-up
Timeframe: 3 months

User research & optimisation for an all-in-one business admin solution

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Client: All-in-one business management solution

Our client is a software-as-a-service company, providing admin, bookkeeping, tax and legal services. Small business owners & freelance creatives can enjoy keeping all these in one place and have a dedicated account manager, instead of using loads of different providers to handle different aspect of business management. Pretty cool time and hassle saver.

The problem to be solved

Increase lead acquisition conversion rate
Our client sought our agency's help in increasing the conversion rate of qualified marketing lead acquisition on their website. They've identified telesales as their best channel in closing the sale so improving the lead acquisition rate would have a direct impact on their sales.


A problem solution fit analysis workshop was run to understand our client's value proposition, what solution they think they're solving, and their business objective. From then on, within our team, we defined the scope of the engagement. While my colleagues focused on top-level lead acquisition and awareness generation, I focused on user research. The aim of this research would help to improve the conversion rate of qualified marketing lead, understand user expectation of the brand, and gain specific feedback on the enquiry and pricing tool interaction.


The conversion rate of qualified marketing lead had increased by 120% at the end of the 12 week engagement period. We have refined the value proposition and persona document based on results of the split tests and other marketing activities so our client can use these as a starting point for future marketing activities. The suggested improvements and final tested prototype were sent to the client in a report, and we have liaised with the client's copywriters and developers in order to execute the suggested solutions.
The videos and insights from usability tests helped our client to understand the users' pain points, and assisted our team to modify the design, copywriting, and marketing strategy in our agile marketing process.

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