Christie Lau

New digital service for diplomats

Client: Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Timeframe: 6 months

New digital service for diplomats

The problem to be solved:

A set of regular processes that span across many platforms and channels (online and offline) for both diplomats and back-end staff.

High operational cost

Wasting diplomats' time to chase things up

Error prone and errors are costly


  • Absence of APIs for many of the external services
  • A number of processes are manual


  • User research with diplomats and back-end staff
  • Rapid prototyping with Sketch and Invision
  • Iterative sprints of design refinement
  • UX writing based on user feedback, documentations and style guides
  • Close collaboration with development team to ensure our MVP fits users' context and needs #agile
  • Inclusive design and following GDS service manual standards


  • A platform weaving together online and offline processes to guide diplomats through the main task at hand, taking into account the different levels of intergration for each process
  • MVP delivery for beta-testers

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