Christie Lau Product Designer

What I’m doing now

My work

Current client: Private banking group of a global tier-1 bank (since February 2020)

I'm designing the alerts and notification system and the onboarding experience of a banking app for high-net-worth individuals.

Alonside my project, I help raise awareness of design within Capco and run design thinking trainings. Recently I'm writing design blog posts.

Recently I'm promoted to senior design consultant and I'm grateful for everyone's encouragement and support. 😊

Outside of work

I'm a mentor on ADPlist and I enjoy meeting with people who're new to the industry about design and career.If you would like a chat about design career, feel free to get in touch.

Open to new opportunities. 👋

Recently bought a second-hand Brompton bike 🚲 - getting ready for a healthier post-pandemic lifestyle while reducing our carbon footprint.

Current interest

  • Design workplace experiences to change people’s work-life from core to surface
  • Design beyond human-centred design: planet-centric design
  • Empathise with people via research and participatory methods
  • Make sense of chaos: information architecture and system design
  • Reduce food waste and one-off, disposable waste

What I want to do more of

  • Play with our hands: Tangible user interfaces
  • Design-driven social impact and social enterprise

I would love to...

  • Speak at your event (See my previous talks)
  • Run workshops
  • Become a advisor at hackathon / design jam
  • Join a charity board

My balcony garden (also my video call background) 🌿

  • Propagating cherry tomato seeds
  • Growing strawberries and herbs
  • Keeping a wormery on my balcony (Est. March 2019)

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Inspired by Derek Sivers, this page includes a sample of what I’m thinking about and working on right now.